Why Am I Shedding My Hair? Hair Loss in Ladies

The results of hair loss in ladies is devastating and infrequently extraordinarily irritating. Most assume that hair loss is barely a person’s downside and subsequently are confused and annoyed when it occurs to them. In actuality feminine hair loss is extra broad unfold than most individuals notice. The excellent news is is that in a big share of girls, hair loss is preventable, treatable and reversible hair loss in women.

The most typical causes come from short-term hormonal issues related to uncommon stress, crash diets, main surgical procedure, excessive fever and an infection, and chemotherapy, sure medicine and being pregnant. These circumstances are normally short-term and as soon as the issue is alleviated, the hair thinning stops and wholesome regrowth normally happens.

If the lack of hair shouldn’t be associated to a metabolic concern, it’s most certainly resulting from Feminine Sample Hair Loss. In contrast to males, ladies don’t lose their hair within the basic “horseshoe” sample on the top, however relatively in an total thinning on the hair line and prime of the top. This sort of loss could seem at anytime after puberty, however is mostly seen after menopause. In Feminine Sample Hair Loss, the male hormone Testosterone is transformed to Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This hormone then proceeds to affect the inclined hairs to skinny and ultimately fall out.

There are a number of the explanation why ladies might be experiencing hair loss:

Regular Hair Loss

Many individuals turn into involved about their scenario after they see hair on their clothes, within the bathe or on the pillow. Nonetheless, hair is continually going by cycles of development, resting and shedding. It solely turns into a priority when hair which can be misplaced will not be changed. The typical particular person sheds roughly 50 – 100 hairs per day.


Many ladies expertise hair loss after being pregnant, sometimes in the course of the first three to six months after giving delivery. Most noticeable is giant quantities of hair popping out after washing or after brushing their hair. That is attributable to the hormonal modifications occurring throughout the girl’s physique, inflicting the hair to enter a resting section, and normally resolves itself inside 6 months.


Chemotherapy and radiation remedy cease the expansion of hair follicles inside their hair cycle, inflicting sudden lack of hair as these follicles shed their hair at about the identical time. Different drugs comparable to antidepressants, anticoagulants, amphetamines, some antibiotics, some blood thinners, some drugs for ulcers, gout and hypertension additionally trigger hair to fall out.


After menopause, about 1/three of all ladies discover their hair begins to skinny resulting from hormonal modifications within the physique. Whereas there are numerous remedies for hormone alternative, there are additionally uncomfortable side effects related to lots of them and experimentation and dialogue along with your physician are advisable.

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